Wednesday, July 25, 2007


FOUR EYES - Stbd Intro Sequences

The following will explain how I put my thoughts in every shot, how I instill mise-en-scene and give every shot a meaning. I have highlighted intriguing solutions that I made on the storyboard; as some were shot accordingly, some were improvised on the set based on factor of location, weather and time constraints and some were based on the director’s final decision which I applaud by looking at the final results.

Zoom out to establish

Conventional treatment for intro scene normally start with establishing shot to get an understanding of location and situation and continuing to zoom in to focus on the subject matter. For Four Eyes we wanted to establish the concept of trapping the characters to the coincidence that escalate to reactions of no escape. A cramp shot was used to reflect this mood that gave the audience a trapped feeling and was forced to work out the meaning of this close up montage, consequently coming to the understanding of the story when the camera went wide to establish the location and situation.

Composition and symbolism

The shot for Four Eyes introduction scene was created to summarize the story in a visual composition that deliberately projected the meaning. A continuous built up pace via editing was used to generate the mood of suspense to its dramatic moment. A close up subject in individual form introduced moods focusing on the characters.

Storyboard scene 1_4

The stuff that gets stuck and tangled in the hair
A continuous dramatic mood build up this suggestion that the main character (Anita) no longer cares about the bullying by the antagonist (the boys). This is established by the use of annoying elements that stick in Anita’s hair as a result of ignoring what the boys have done to her. The boys tease and throw sticks to her and she is now used to it. She bows her head down and continues on with life until the boys get more aggressive as suggested by the movement pace on (Storyboard scene 1_5) the boys march faster while she is still in her reserve pace (Storyboard scene 1_6) and the impact comes when she is pushed down and destructive falls down which later changes her life.

FOUR EYES - Stbd Pushing Sequences

The dividing room gives the dramatically internal explanation:
1. Anita was cornered to a cramp space and visually separated by an element assisted by the woods.

2. The boys determined to hurt Anita and visually push forth the separation border and eventually get to Anita.

Adding visual value by the use of Camera Lens:
A shot is being given life and statement. (Long lens and move far away from the actions) Camera suggests from the point of view of the woods, an element of saviour a force awakens to rescue the damsel in distress.


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