Wednesday, July 25, 2007


FOUR EYES by Sasha Collington

The Idea for this movie is wicked and it has this surreal influence which works well with me. I think I can give my utmost on this because this was the genre that I love and this story can be layered with a lot of ideas than it seems. Given to producing this in black and white I think it will give more values to this kind of genre and I can see it has the potential to be a good movie. I would also like to explore and experiment on a lot of things and ‘Four Eyes‘ is the best bet.

I have taken the responsibility to create the storyboard for Four Eyes. When I first read the script, I knew that this is a movie that can be visually interesting. I volunteered myself to do the storyboard for the movie because I saw an opportunity to make a film that I am interested in. Although I am not in the director’s chair, this is a potential platform for me to demonstrate my conceptual direction on the storyboard. I have spent a lot of hours working on the storyboard with the director of photography and film director. Together we studied every shots to make each single shot worthy.

To me storyboard is an important stage of pre production. Directors like Hitchcock and Spielberg normally would emphasize on storyboarding, while some directors find it too rigid. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong to this matter because it all depends on the director’s preference. However, from my experience a storyboard plays a pivotal role in planning and preparing the set and helps to communicate with the rest of the production crews on what to achieve for the film. Storyboards would not be the infinite plan because the director may improvise it later on the set if required. By working on this task, I will be involved in the creative decision making process at an early stage.


kawan kau said...

hey.. what sup, what sup! bro lu editor or storyboard artist??

Anonymous said...

ina ska tgk gmbr yg mati..nmpk mcm btul..

kamal said...

utk filem tu gua jadi editor cum storyboard.... best sebab kita boleh control .. nanti edit tk susah sgt