Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The Fragmented was selected as a sample; a relation of film appreciation and painting in a workshop at National Gallery.

And for The Pathfinders is just another documentary


In reality it was colourful but I prefer only White, Green and Black

To direct a documentary I expected it to be different from fiction, because documentary is based more on reality; what you see is what you get. It is more realist than fictional. When I first wrote my treatment for this documentary I found that I was already giving it a direction which meant my planning and expectancy of the story to go like what I intended it to be. So is this truly a reality or a fantasy? A typical layman’s perception towards documentary is that it should be the truth and it happens in a real situation, however what they didn’t know is what they received is only a constructed truth.

In another perspective the definition of the word ‘documentary’ puts a curse on film directors to limit their creativity in their production. I believe the treatment should not only be raw and too realistic in order to embrace the concept of realism and the conceptual cinema language should not be abandoned in order to achieve the look.


Pezhmaan in action


Tijmen and his obsession


Too conceptual to digest... sampin telekung... apakabenda nie


Alejandro and the big boys toy


The wild bunch - GLOBALIZATION

Pezhmaan - Iran, Tijmen - Netherlands, Andres -Colombia, Aku - Tanah Melayu, Faith - UK and Alejandro - Mexico.