Thursday, July 26, 2007


Four Eyes was screened in LA as part of Los Angeles Film Festival. Supported by Mike Leigh, Micheal Mann and other big names; Tak Fujimoto (DOP) Roger Pratt (DOP) Ueli Steiger (DOP) Iain Smith (Producer) Luis Mandoki (Dir) Alain Tanner (Dir) Mark Goldblatt (Editor) Robert Leighton (Editor)

A repetition of time and space

The same concept from the beginning is reintroduced to emphasize Anita’s troubled journey when entering the woods as opposed to her heightened self revelation when leaving the woods. There will be a range from wide to close up shots intertwine with another by the use of foreground tree trunk as transition.

Any way the wind blows....the winds of change
This is the last scene where Anita walks out to the pavement away from the camera with the wind blowing quietly around her. Even though this is the conclusion scene, we don’t want to suggest the end but only provoke it and let the audience create their own resolution based on their own appreciation.
The winds can be the soul of the dead man or even the woods who will always be there to protect Anita. The woods provide her courage and graduate her on her self discovery as what she experiences in the woods .

Four Eyes - Anita walks out of the woods


bob said...

storyboard penting kaa bro?

Anonymous said...

Hi bob,
"To me storyboard is an important stage of pre production. Directors like Hitchcock and Spielberg normally would emphasize on storyboarding, while some directors find it too rigid. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong to this matter because it all depends on the director’s preference"

so to me.. penting la kut

Anonymous said...

gmbr pompuan tu nmpk natural..
k gak biar audience uat conclusion sndiri..
konon ye suspen ar..hehehehe

zafi said...

have read book the kite runner?
film end of this year!
nice one!!!